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In the South of France, the Lacaune breed has enabled to produce 2 quality products :
Roquefort cheese and the « Agneau Label Rouge
» (Quality lamb label).

GID Lacaune is an organism of reproducers farmers,
which gathers 200 people involved in selection for a 100 000 sheep potential.
GID Lacaune is involved in genetic creation

in France and all around the world.

GID Lacaune gathers two selection factories

which are working on the improvement on both milk

and meat production

All our feedlots comply with

the European health reglementation

GID Lacaune works with Upra Lacaune and Genelex

which is the only exporting organism

with a pedigree agreement
GID Lacaune - Gènes Innovation Diffusion Lacaune
La Pommière - 12250 ROQUEFORT
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